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Paleo Criticism

Paleo DietIndeed, there has been number of criticism towards Paleo. Some even go the extent of calling this diet a “scam” or “fear mongering”. So is there any truth towards these claims? I can give you a firm “NO” for the answer. Those who started these claims are often ignorant about the benefits and underlying concept of Paleo, or just try the diet for 2 weeks and declare that it’s useless.

Here are some of the common criticism that you will likely come across:

Cavemen only lives half as long as modern people. So Paleo is nonsense.

Yes, it’s true that cavemen only short-lived. But they died mostly because of external causes like extreme weather condition, predatory threats, natural disaster and such. They don’t die because of diabetes, cancer and many other chronic diseases. Modern people wouldn’t live half as long in the same condition. Secondly, medical advancement has been able to keep our lifespan longer. That doesn’t necessarily mean that our quality of life has improved.

Paleo is just another low-carb diet which will be harmful to your health in long term.

Essentially, Paleo is not a low or zero-carb diet like Atkins. Carb counting is not part of this diet. It focuses on removing the harmful carb in excessive amount. You still get enough carb from veggies and fruits. The aim of Paleo diet is to adjust our diet to how our body is supposed to eat for over 100,000 years. It will increase the overall energy level and improve immune system which will be beneficial in long term.

There are many other claims that critic the Paleo way, but trust me, you don’t want to believe those. And what’s better than try it yourself and see the actual result. I was able to get awesome result for this with this diet and so many people, it could be your turn now. Oh, and in case you want to convince someone to go Paleo this discussion offers some good tips


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  1. Amen to that! Some of my friends don’t understand but when I let my carbs be from vegetables and fruit my digestive track sings me sweet lulabyes. Every one has their own thing and no one will agree on everything. Let’s be serious though, we are right ; P


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